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When you left

I felt sad and betrayed..

It was an old feeling that

I never wanted to feel again

It was my father leaving

it was my brother never

even acknowledging me

and a mother that didnt want me

You were another Leaver

then felt I wasnt important enough

I am now an adult and

I realized that as a child/ teen

I had left myself also

I used my body as

a garbage can

and became an entertainer

to keep people around

I used shock value to be relevent

and no longer invisible

I finally told myself

that I cannot change the past

or swim in bitterness anymore

because I have me

and I finally learned what

healthy love is and it starts

with me

As long as I care about me

and if I need companionship

there are millions of loving

animals that will lie with

you and give you the attention

you were starved of as a child

I came back and gave myself

a hug..

an apology

and a quality of life

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