Young ForEver?

I’m Sorry

For all those nights

I did you wrong

I’m Sorry

For making you be my puppet

I used you as a pin cushion with drugs

I sold you, and cut you

to have a release

I didn’t nourish you properly

And my mind always

I apologize with all

My heart

Mind, Body and Soul

Because now I finally

See the disconnect

The disassociation

I know you kept score

because my nerves

are still shot…

I finally have my

Mind under control

and my body is failing me

Im sorry.

Bullied you


  1. Both you and your body were failed by so many. Don’t forget we were taught to disrespect ourselves long before we really ever had any say…

    But I understand the feeling of having a body that’s just so beat up and tired…a body that’s lived thru so much. I’m glad you’re no longer bullying yourself.

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