Healthy Goodbyes



Since my life was built on EXTREMES everything got labeled and categorized. Either friend/foe threat/pushover love/hate. Since everything was black and white there were no shades of gray (or so I thought). Co-dependency is typical in addicts and I was not an exception to the rule. We do not see our actions or see what part we play in the toxicity in relationships. The reality is that I did not know how to love someone because I didn’t believe anyone truly loved me, I didn’t know how to be a friend because I was too busy studying those I considered enemies. My point is that after going to therapy at the Crime Victim Treatment Center I finally believed that there are good people out there. I had “Hope” and self-awareness for a change. I had stopped looking for new SOUL mates in the parole offices and stopped looking for “Hostages”…

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