I walked past “your corner”

on my way home from work tonight

The wind was strong and I was cold

I looked at your “spot” on the ground

(the corner) where you sat religiously…

You are not there anymore…

I am happy and sad because I do not like

“Not knowing” what happened to you.

I never wanted to care, you were just a beggar

I swore I wouldn’t fall for your panhandling “hustle”

and I am not enabling you…

but one day I couldn’t help but ask

“Do you really make enough money to go through

all this and is it really worth it?”

we talked and you explained  your life,

you were so young and lost

you sat in the scalding sun

you sat in the freezing cold

I would talk to you every day

you were a familiar face

I wanted you to strive for more

but it still feels odd without…

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  1. Hey Glenna I read somewhere that you have an ebook on amazon. Would you be able to point me in its direction?

    I appreciate all of your experiences you’ve been able to share. It’s ironic how we feel so alone in our suffering, and yet it’s the one thing that connects us to all the rest of humanity. Sometimes it’s only thru this courageous act of baring our souls that others become aware of this, so please keep writing and keep sharing.

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