Midlife Crisis?

I have been told I am an Empath

I have also been told that I was a problem child

I have been told that I was cognitively deficient

I have been told a lot of things…

But then I went back to school

to learn, to excel, and to prove my worth

To prove I am not a problem, or stupid

But then I found all of the answers I so desperately

sought were based on theory??

Do you mean all of these past critics were

just actors, playing their parts better than I?

All the criticisms but no real practical solutions

Everyone was an expert…with my life

The nerve to play GOD with practices based on theories

I have come a long way

But the voice of doubt still likes

To have its fun at my expense


then I saw Trump get elected

And saw so many believed in him

And I told myself if this buffoon

Can pull this off

There are no limits so let

me get on my job

and stop watching others

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