Why be mad? At who?


Guess the Jokes on Me

I’m not going to yell, I’m not even mad

I got a funeral to think about

because the person I thought you were

DIED today

Because the person I am looking at is a stranger to me

And the person I thought I shared a life with

no longer exists

Who was the person I laughed with?

and thought we were as one

I guess the jokes on me 

Why try and make you stay?

How can I make you love me?

Why wait for an apology?

From a person that is now a stranger to me…

What am I pushing for?

What am I looking at?

Who are you anyway? 

guess it doesn’t even matter

I guess the jokes on me 

I have to look at the comical side 

of feeling like a jackass 


Why dig deeper? 

The person I thought 

was my everything 

Died and this person 

standing in front of me

is actually a stranger

A new jack 

with a familiar face …

I cant play this game again

I have to put you to rest and bury my illusion 

Guess the jokes on me.

Turn this episode off

and put this show to rest

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