This Crazy RIDE


It’s a plague

It’s a Storm

I am afraid to die

Not because I cherish my life

But for the fact that

I can’t take any more pain

I can’t suffer any more than

What I am already used to

It’s a mugger, it’s a robber

I will fight for my life

Not because I have a

Great love for this


Not for a family that

I never got to know

But for the fact that I don’t want

It to hurt

If I went this long without

Taking my life

I will be damned if

I will let you take mine

It’s a system of corruption

It’s a Dog eat DOG World

And I don’t know why we

Use that expression because

Animals are the only gentle

Souls that I will miss

Once I take that night train

To who knows where

But my train hasn’t arrived yet

So I have to breath this toxic air

and learn to enjoy

This crazy ride


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