Am I worthy?

Relate and impressed

Post-Modern Humanity

I remember a really crucial turning point in my own recovery from cptsd was in early 2015, just about half a year after discovering what was ailing me, and this question popped into my head.

“Even if I never recovered an ounce more than I am right at this moment, am I worthy of being loved (by both myself and others)?”

I decided the answer to that question was ‘yes’ for me personally and I also believe the answer is ‘yes’ for most people, though they may not all believe it. After I answered my question it furthered my resolve to learn how to be more consistently self compassionate.

If you’re looking for specific ways to practice self compassion, below is a list of the fourteen most common ways we tend to abuse ourselves in thought and ways to correct that thought to something more realistic and helpful.


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