Counselors Story


Since I cant smell the Roses

I guess I can only show others

to do what I cannot

I can’t have an orgasm

Without the help of my hand

I cant see the point of having babies

and bringing the unsuspecting into

this dark twisted world


Somewhere along the way

I lost myself

I lost a sense of hope

I lost having faith

I went from being a

Nervous kid into

an angry adult


I never lost the ability to have Empathy

because I feel like an empath that

can feel others pain in an instant

sometimes a dull pain of yesterdays

then a jolt of present poisons

that I try to ignore


I guess I was never meant

to get married and have children

I guess I was never meant to feed into

The American Dream

but there are others that

still want to be touched

and love someone and build a family


So I guess my purpose is to

guide others away from self-medicating

away from the chutes and ladders of

Oppression and make sure they get

chance to smell the roses since

I cannot…


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