I froze and couldn’t inhale

As if my oxygen was

Waiting for your cue


Don’t let me down

Don’t make my world darken

And put me back in that cold void

Called reality


I wanted to feel connected

I wanted to feel included

I wanted to feel that I had a safe place

To hide, a place I could finally feel was a



I guess my dreams were not so misconstrued

Being a nomad without a destination

A lock without a key

A gun without a bullet

An emergency number that could not be remembered

Even a drug that could not be consumed


Lost, missing, lacking, empty

Trying to run away from one place

When you have nowhere to run too


Then you awaken to try and shake off

a feeling that those dreams are a

representation of your life

I finally realized I dont have

to wait for your cue

or your acceptance

because you were a figment

of my imagination

Just a sleepwalking





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