What could the Truth be?

I love reading Amitav’s reading’s because he is a creative genius

Amitav Chowdhury

When something becomes truth because it is conveniently comparable and the entire idea can be suitably placed with other ideas. The puzzling theory is that the pattern of truth should replicate the perception, acceptance, and feasibility; at times, their correspondence with the community, the acceptable language is also a criterion to choose them.

Often, there are sketchy ideas of truths; from the observed, absorbed, and imbibed- all of the processes happen according to the environment and the type of acceptable appropriation. Although conformity plays an intrinsic, as well as, obligatory role in devoting time to further their cause.

There is a possibility of the truth getting diluted and caught in a predicament in the myriad correspondence with the world; the world may be small or vast, it does not matter, but the direct and indirect influence they have cannot be denied. Truth becomes rebellious when such conformities are unfollowed or…

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