Nature Calls



were undeniable

The wind felt hostile

with a stench of salt water

I have heard of the expression SEA HAG

which was meant to be a witch with horrible skin

and features but could it be women

waiting by the oceans and ports

for their men to return from sea

only to be overexposed to

rain, wind, and storms?

but the waiting

continued, faithfully looking for

a ship, a sign

in the cold mist…

I looked down at the rocky coastline

with a new sense of respect and humility

coming from the Concrete Jungle NYC

I had finally made it out of the ghetto

but hiding behind walls and masks

doing drug with bravado had taken

it toll as an urban prodigy

I had forgotten what it felt like to feel

and as Robbie Williams sings

I Don’t Want to Die but I ain’t to Keen on Living 

the aches and pains of AGING

had made me realize the days of

ignoring my existence was over

but…where to begin



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