You were my co-dependent

My co-defendant

My co-conspirator

But we conspired together

I found a stepping stone

It’s a place to lay my head

It’s a lonely yet safe space

I want something that will last

Though till

My last breath is taken

I wanted you to be there

Till the end but…

Feeling hostility towards a world

That I don’t particularly like

Didn’t want to be part of either

Self medicate

And find a hostage

Like you and

Call it love

We can use each other

Live a lie

And keep getting high

Till the day we die

Romanticize it

Glamourize it

You made my dark space

Seem less threatening

Because you and I could fight my demons

And all the world monsters together

But in reality, you were the monster

Don’t make me feel like an inconvenience

Cant we cohabitate again?

I need to believe a lie again

I need a hostage

because the truth hurts too much



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