Nobody has/ had the answers


Life never had a false sense of security

I knew from day one something was off

When I looked to others for clarity

All I got was excuses and deflections


Jesus is going to fix it

No one said life is fair

Things will get better

Life is what you make it

I guess I wanted something more tangible

I went to college to face my fears

Of being a problem child student that couldn’t focus

Or cut the mustard but here I am!


Now, I find out that even higher education

The world of ACADEMIA

Words of wisdom are almost entirely based


The wisest facts are based on theories?

Philosophy s based on a bunch of

Mentors that sound like drunken narcist

This country is a blood money

And lies that separate

Holy moly what a tangled web that we weave

And that is woven

Tell me there is something better on

The other side, tell me there is a reason

That we breed to carry on a family name

And take turns watching each other die

Tell me something because

Besides the one-liners and

Theories based on a hypothesis

Nobody had or has the answers

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