The stranger within


I looked at the scars on my arm and thought about getting a tattoo with

PEACE in different kinds of languages all over to cover the pain and battle scars

as I sat facing my therapist waiting for him to give me relief, a distraction or attention.

He asked me to touch my arm Why should I do that? I thought to myself

He coaxed me gently and I had a whatever floats your boat mind-set and

plopped my hand against my arm, it felt silly and awkward at the same time

because in all honesty it was like feeling someone else because I had lost

touch with my self and had separated mind/body

It is hard to be present spiritually and emotionally when you

had been a prostitute for over 20 years. I had learned to disconnect and

try to be somewhere else and let my mind take advantage of my body

by using it as a tool for its own devices. The mind can be a TRICKSTER

and make you feel that your body is only for show and services.

I touched my arm again and said, ” I am sorry, and I hope you are okay”


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