You have to believe the lie, to thrive


I have a young friend in need

In need of direction and suggestion

I do have years and experience to share

but should I tell her how I really feel?

should I tell her how I  learned to have hope?

how I learned to care and value my life?

I had to believe the American lie

that we are a good Country and we mean no harm

that we have come a long way and things are going

to get better, but in truth, I fear the future

I fear the past and the present as well

If we cannot even admit our past how can we

believe in a future told by masks and hypocrites

Even the oppressed learn to be the oppressors

Does anyone really know whats really going on

Does anyone really know the truth behind the politicians?

because I sure as hell don’t

So all I can do is try to believe what I feel is a lie

As a counselor, I cannot pass negativity and paranoia

so I digest my immediate surroundings and do not try

to read the fine print…

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