The Show Must Go On


I didn’t ask to be part of this circus act

circles and circles

around and around we go

I have my good days and bad

but just when I feel somewhat pleased

another test comes and knocks me

off my feet

I didn’t expect to be here this long

I was told when I was 23 yrs old

that I would be dead in 6 months

and maybe 2 yrs if I was (lucky?)

Lucky? that’s an interesting word


I am not always a Debby Downer

as a matter of fact, I am the one

that cant shut up and has to tell jokes

and make people laugh, when

you feel that you have no control

over your life you take control

in the only tools you have

in your toolbox, well…

I am out of jokes and I

am tired of being the talker

because I don’t want to hear

others noises or watch others actions

because we all have our roles and

the show must go on…



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