My body aches, I toss and turn

trying to get into a position that

is comfortable and doesnt hurt

There was a time when I loved to cuddle

I loved the feeling of unity and bonding

but then the storm came

and the chill set in

The pain, sadness and subjective reality

that even a drug could not take away

A rude awakening as when a child finds

that the love they were denied

as a child, is not found in the streets

The deaths of friends and lovers

the walking dead of addictions

the institutions and jails designed

to profit from the poverty and

the mentally ill.

I turn over again and

try to get comfortable

the thought of someone touching me

makes me cringe

but the thought of companionship lingers

I hold on and tell myself

this is a one-shot deal

one life and one ship (body)

to carry you through the

stormy seas and when the chill sets in

hug yourself and know that you

are never truly alone…



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