I walk in the streets of NYC

One side of the street you

have buildings I cant even

afford to look at much less live in

as you walk a few more blocks

you see the symptoms

of oppression and degradation

the drugs, the alcoholics

roaming the street like nomads

I pass the addicts on the corner

speaking so loud and agressive

trading cigarettes and pills

that that was me at one time

and I am still a work

in progress, undoing a

brain fuck you can

only imagine.

I have anxiety issues

and at times getting

on the subway can feel

like cruel and unusual

punishment …

I can not look down on my past peers

because they are working

with all they have and know

When I see someone inhaing

a cigarrette like they

are suffocting and it will

give them the oxygen, I see the

subsitution many of us make

trying to find PEACE with


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