17361520_1434700229908322_7412211096618858947_nEven ants are better team players than humans

Do we connect with others to bond

and share an energy that feels like magic

or do we settle for someone who settles for us?

sometimes I feel that this world and life

itself is overrated but the experts tell me that

is depression, the crowded city makes me

feel stressed and overwhelmed but the

experts tell me that I am bipolar

I want to find love but cringe when

someone touches me

The experts tell me that is PTSD so

If all my discomfort and views are based

on mental deficiencies then what is

the true view of this world and its

inhabitants? Experts, please tell me

because I must have hope that my

grim view of pain and suffering on

the daily NEWS is just an illusion

Tell me all the lost souls I see walking

the streets like zombies that have no future

are just a figments of my imagination





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