The Language of Loneliness​


I used to wake right before the break of dawn

I didn’t know what to do with myself so

I figured it would be a good time to play ball

It was barely light and I saw a child

sitting on a bench near the basketball court

I was a nervous person and I am not a team player

but I know the feeling of need and loneliness

I challenged him to a game of horse

and we talked and laughed

I found out how toxic his home was

I tried to be his hero and his friend

I would buy him things and always

want to be the fun one

The reality was nobody ever taught

me how to love someone responsibly

So my own demons led me back to

my addiction and another distraction

I left as fast as I came and went

from being a people pleaser

to leaving him abandoned, when we

have no sense of inner balance we

are extremist and while I sat in jail

I always wondered what happened to him

I went out to the park to find my

inner peace again and once more I

saw a child in need of nurturing and

affection but I do not start a relationship

now to be the (good guy) I take a real

look at my life and what I really have to offer

Sometimes just being a friendly face can make

a difference




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