Is it safe yet?


I lay down to sleep after working out

and hitting a heavy bag

that I have in my studio apt

See I am a “tough guy” so I need

my rest, tomorrow is a new challenge

I try to slow down my thoughts

but I realize there is a draft

on my back so I quickly wrap the blanket

around my backside and make sure no skin

is exposed then start to relax but

I realize my foot is dangling off the bed where

it’s dark and gives me a signal it is not alone so

I quickly pull my foot into the bottom of bed…

Now I have all limbs tucked in and accounted for

If they want to get me, it will have to go through

my blanket first which buys me time

Finally, I glance at my cat that has gone to sleep

in a corner with his back to the wall like usual

I wonder if when a Cat tries to fit in a box

is it because they feel their sides are all covered?

Just like a cat I need to feel there is a shield

between me and the world even

as meek as a blanket

between me and the unknown.

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