1015627_472863536139986_2098119692_oIt has been a while, 1995 since you passed

We were both dying at that time

or so I was told…

so my attention was selfish

I hope there is peace on the other side

and no more pain or un-comfortability

no need to self-medicate

like we felt we had to do here

You were the only happiness I

remember as a child and although

you were struggling with alcohol

I was struggling with addiction

I wasn’t there for you while you

expired because my anger and confusion

fueled my own self-destruct mission

In two days I am traveling to Belfast, Ireland

to finally stand at your resting site

seeing where you grew up and saying goodbye

at your grave site.  I hope I will see you again

one day when I get there…


  1. This is so sad. I’m so sorry. As soon as I saw the picture my eyes started to well up. You look just like your father. But then I’m sure you don’t need to be told that. Seeing pictures like this make me think about how much hope was there at the time, what the potential possibilities were. I think about the innocence. And then the reality of what became is just so heart breaking. Not a judgment at all as I understand what brings us to where we end up. Safe travels to Ireland. As msmind says above, I hope you can get some closure and most importantly inner peace.

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