Unconditional love is hard to define

Dos it mean (Ride or Die) ?

Does it mean that you love someone enough to


and wish them the best?

I was very used to growing


in a drop of a hat

I could be moved, thrown out

or emotionally and physically abused

depending on my guardians wacko

moods and behavior…

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

because I felt now that I am in charge

and proved my loyalty and feelings

with people pleasing and enabling

what could possibly go wrong??

I had no clue what a healthy relationship

looked like or felt like

I would go from hot to cold

because when I felt violated or betrayed

I would become a Psycho…

I didn’t know how to separate because

I needed someone to be my other half

(Codependency)  where relationships

are more like hostages …I am scared to try

relationships again because I am doing so well

BY MYSELF but  I can’t isolate forever





    1. It is scary to open your heart and feelings when you are doing well minus emotional/ intimacy/companionship etc but I am doing good so….should I care about what seems so hard to contain?

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