What should I do? tis the question


The phone rings and I don’t recognize the number

I keep to myself these days so I figure

it might be a telemarketer

It rings and rings and finally I answer

just to tell them to go (Jack off)

but I hear a familiar voice and cringe

I go through the motions and say,

“Hi, how are you doing”

meanwhile I don’t want to know

It feels like an energy vampire

sucking the life out of me

even through a phone

My life is so challenging

and can be emotionally and physically

exhausting so I don’t have the energy

to play games with someone that never

brought joy to my life?

but how do you tell someone

that you don’t like them or the

energy they bring to your world?

How do you tell them that you

don’t want to be part of their life

anymore when they are your




  1. Every situation is different of course. But I’ve decided I’m most likely never going to do that. I was of the belief that it was necessary for me to do that. That I couldn’t go forward with my life unless I did that. But since writing about the (most recent) email from my mother and the comments from a person named John, I feel much better about never telling her. That’s not to say I’m rushing in to restart a relationship with her, but I’ve got more peace of mind now that I’ve decided that it’s not necessary.

    In addition, if I did that, it would just make me feel like shit and I don’t want to do that to myself.

    I related to what you’re saying so I felt compelled to comment. But I also know your situation is much different than mine. So I know that my way of dealing might not be right for you. Even when their abusive and neglectful, the emotional bond and attachment still seems stronger than you’d think it would be. I wish you peace.

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  2. I had this problem for years. There are two possibilities- or you leave them but it’s very difficult, especially that physical breaking away doesn’t change a lot -you are still linked on the emotional and energy level
    or – you find a way to digest what has happened and then you will see them differently, the pain will be gone and even their presence will not influence you anymore.
    I chose the second way and I live in peace

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  3. Thanks for the follow , new friend. I’ll send out a prayer for you to find joy because that’s what life is all about. And life is short so grab the light in your life and let it shine. I’m a smiler who greets strangers and touches their lives with mine. Best always to you.


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