By the way…



I love your company

I love the energy you bring

so please…don’t make me kill you

There are two categories I live by

Friend or Foe

there are no shades of gray

I do not have the time or

the emotional energy

to weed out the disappointments

I have learned to bob and weave

through the swarms of people

that I have to share the earth with

I have learned to avoid potential enemies

so, if you get close to me and I make

myself take a chance to feel again…

and you turn on me I will have

a reaction that you don’t want to see

and I don’t want to feel

The beast within

that will want to hurt you

but in reality, I will just shut down

and my spirit will die once again

so inadvertently I will kill myself.







  1. I hope that never happens – that inner death. Giving our power away to others is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Thank you, Glenna, for the follow of my blog. I wish you well

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