Sex, lust, and ego (superficial). The American dream ( I guess). To feel sexy, desirable and charismatic. I guess being wealthy is a no-brainer as well. Just how far will you go to achieve these ideals? Starvation, Plastic surgery, bulimia? and in case you are already slender what are you trying to add? (to your presentation) implants ?.To be honest I have had sex with more people than I would like to admit. I have only had three orgasms in my life that were not self-administered. One day one of my partners got tired of being selfish and said,” what do you like?tell me what you want me to do” I was dumbstruck because I didn’t have a clue what would feel good at that point. I almost felt pressured to say what I thought he wanted to hear but I just put the focus back on him so I would not be under close eye watch for (Action / Reaction). Now let’s just say you are a “hotty” that feels your sexual energy is in abundance, I envy you I guess although I am a little lazy at this stage in the game to be a sex kitten on demand. I carried K-Y in my pocket for two decades due to going through a long DRY period (literally) so I can’t blame my lack of enthusiasm on age because this has ben going on for a long time. My point is the question of whether you can learn to appreciate SEX again after years of sexual trauma and sex that wasn’t enjoyable?

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