The tides are changing


One day a woman called me a (low life) during an argument

Instead of retaliating with curses and obscenities

I simply said,”Well since you are way at the top

(using my right hand to demonstrate)

and I am way at the bottom

(using my other hand to show the difference)

There is ONLY one way for me to go


there is only one way for you to go


I will wave as we pass  each other by…


  1. You tell ’em! Can I make a suggestion – because I wrestled with finding the right colors to show dialogue in the comments section. I can’t read them, they are too light. You should go into the color pallets until you find a combination that shows the typing. I had to play around with quite a few. The light violet color on responses doesn’t show printing. Also – that you for coming to Jamie’s blog. I think you read something very early in the blog. I am now in the first draft rewrite of a book I wrote on his story and some of the more recent posts have chapters. I also have a monthly newsletter that has different info in it than my blog posts have as I strive to create a mailing list for when the book is done. Because my mind is in editing mode, the top of your blog where you explain what you are doing? A woman is “who”. Things are “that”, a slight correction that would read better.

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