Don’t flatter yourself too much…

I created you…

I made you…

I imagined you….

No, I am not a GOD

No, I do not have delusions of grandeur

so I know I didn’t mold you from Clay or

bring you into this world magically

but I brought you into mine

I brought you into my face, space

emotions and reactions and

just like I created you to be  in my world

and making you out to be someone

you were not…

I am knocking you off the pedestal

that I put you on

I see I gave you way to

much power and way

to much of my energy

I used to be afraid to be alone

but I never knew the beauty it has

to offer when you give yourself the

power and concentration that

you were wasting on someone else.

Instead of creating my other half

I now realize I need to be whole by

myself because two hollows

DO NOT make a WHOLE…


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