Childhood which to me defines

being brought into this world  and

not by choice and when old enough to

see, hear and study your examples

you wait for reactions to the actions

of others, watching and mimicking

The constant confusion shoved down our

throats. The Hate spewed in our ears


overwhelming our thought processors

Such an early age, so much confusion.

A TV filled with “NEWS” of pains and

sorrows worldwide, everyone sits and watches

the world crumble and as long as it

doesnt apply to them it is

just a conversation piece

Our Houses which do not feel like Homes

DRUNKS teaching you manners

at an evening dinner table

the hypocrisies and contradictions

Everyone coming to their own

versions of realities and  religions built to suit

their norms and comfort zones…

I thought this country was called

The “UNITED” States of America?

it don’t feel united or even fair

Racism is still in full effect

but deflected with expertise

by manipulations built on

insecurities and stupidities

sometimes stupidity is a choice

because you don’t have to look

outside the box…

being racist at one’s own “convenience”

merciful when it suits the timing

and playing to a select crowd

A person screaming about whom

and what are abominations  as

they lead a double life and creep

into their child’s rooms at night

I am so tired of trying to get a better view

a sense of self, love, and humanity

while I see the hate and confusion

and bitterness spreading like cancer

I will not give up because I refuse to

believe this is all that life has to offer

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