13726840_1327381973943500_1666718128205229117_nIt’s been a while I have been in a daze



I usually only remember my dreams

when I take a nap and awaken suddenly

I’m glad that I don’t remember them usually

because they are so different yet the same

different faces and different places but

the situation is constant: BEING LOST

I can’t remember where I live

I can’t navigate my existence so

I resort to extremes

I don’t have a phone to call anyone

if I do have a phone the battery is dead

I can’t remember the way back

to anywhere so I wander like a nomad…

I don’t have a way to get from

point A to point B so I mix

with crazy people and circumstances

I am walking down the road

and it turns into a cliff that I can’t climb

I have a job but I don’t have anything

to wear or remember where to go

I have many fights with…

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