My eyes are adjusting to the light and the darkness…


As my eyesight blurs with age

but at the same time ironically

my inner vision has improved

a bittersweet /double-edged sword

I spent so long hiding in a semi-conscious state

trying to sleep my life away and hide from pain

the years past and so did my youth

There is a new pain that I have acquired

besides the typical aches and pains

It is the realization that (even in all its splendor)

this world is a scary place, not just my home

or my corner but a circus called civilization

I still fear the monster hiding under my bed

or is the monster actually inside of me?

Moral dilemmas play on my conscience

but there never seems to be an answer

Being afraid in the past I leaped

into a life of darkness in its finest form

I danced with the other monsters

the fear of climbing a ladder for

fear of falling can make us resort

to the extreme of jumping off the

roof of a building, as I mentioned

my sight is fading but my insight is 20/20

but do I really want to see?

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