Deep thoughts, shallow breaths


Am I a hypochondriac?

Do I focus on pain and suffering too much?

or is this world a giant version

of “Crabs in a bucket”?

Is it a blessing to live a long life or

would it be a curse of sorts

having to witness the hypocrisies

having to become detached

to ease your conscience

having to make excuses and

justifications for humanity

Pointing fingers, everyone has so much to say

but says so little…

Where are all the heroes and princes

I read about as a child? I guess

fairy tales are what they are…tales

The selfishness and shallowness

never ceases to amaze me

maybe I am crazy because I

even think nature can be brutal

The food chain? Eating each other?

We pluck flowers

because they look pretty

until they die…

then they are tossed as garbage

Who is the sane? what is really real?

are we all in (Plato’s) The Cave?

because we all seem delusional

some are just better at bullshitting

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