The future…


Humor me and try to look at what I am suggesting outside the box..

Lets say in the future they manage to create cyborg/androids that resemble humans to a Tee. When they use our insecurities and selfishness to make us get one to keep up with the Jones how will a sense of “what is real” be defined. My past relationships have been smoke and mirrors on both parts. Sometimes due to arrested developement and sometimes just because it beat a blank. I get on the subway to go to work with my practiced ritual which consist of turning on music to black out te world. Stopping to get my morning tea with milk and then facing the crowded subway on 125th st in NYC. The hustle bustle makes me do exactly what I used to make fun of, play candy crush like my life depends on it. Sometimes I almost miss my stop seeing that I am so engrossed with my distraction from my anxiety but isn’t it a different type of stressors? I am trying to win a game with a computer…Are relationships usually a distraction but with a noble title (I am in a relationship) status on Facebook? …..oh getting back to my point if they created robots that looked like something that you were attracted too and gave good back rubs and were as predictable as a cat that can’t get out of your house that would always be there would you possibly use one for a substitute mate? 12645085_217273881951027_3111391096253500485_n

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