Me, Myself and I


Who am I?

What do I really want?

What will set me free?

from these mental and emotional burdens

that also affect the physical…

Healthy mind/ Healthy Body

and ViseVersa

At least some balance

I watch the blind people

that make their way through

the busy and insensitive streets

of New York City

and wonder how do they manage

how do they look forward to the next day

When I have some downtime

and my thoughts go to the negative

Thinking…Why did so and so leave me ?

why did so and so hurt me?

I stop myself and say


and if it is not a case of me abandoning myself

due to never feeling whole or complete

I ask myself…

When am I going to build myself and

and be a better version of

complete? because I cannot

go on with the complete insanity

so I tell myself again


not with anger but

with a love and nurturing

that was never taught


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