I try to soften the worlds blows by

surrounding myself with pillows

I never was the Barbie Doll type

as a child, but maybe that was

due to someone else’s influence

I live in a building with the

majority being active addicts

I am in Recovery

Does it tempt me?

Hell No

I remember when I sold my soul

to the Angel of Darkness

I now have it back

Tattered and Weak? yes

but I have it back!

I have sound proofed my door

to the best of my ability

to block out the drunken tirades

that occur in my hallway that

add to the sound pollution

that gives me anxiety…So,

I have to create my own World

I am a flower child

surrounded with pillows but….

if you look at the top of the picture

you will see that I might have

hung up the gloves but they are still

obtainable and close..

not to fight the world, I tried that

in the past but to fight for a life and

a future that for the first time I feel

anything is possible,

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