Healthy Brainwashing?


I want to lose weight so I can feel sexy

I’m skinny now but I feel scrawny

maybe I need money to

buy a better wardrobe

I want to be in love because that’s

what we are here for to Love

have babies and grow old and die…right?

I see people excited because

Kanye West is in town

I see people devastated because

Whitney Houston died

Didnt she have a full life,

money, fame and a grand burial

Why do some have fame even

though they were self-destructive

and broke the law

while others are buried

behind a prison

in an unmarked

grave due to nobody claiming them.

Not everyone had O.J.s legal team….

so there they lie in an unmarked grave

Would it be wrong to believe

in a cult theory or lifestyle

simply because it fits your comfort zone?

Do people who think they are going to win

the Mega Millions Lotto, are they

sadly pathetic or delusional or

people who have faith and hope?

What is right and what is wrong

because it all seems very blurry and subjective.

Would I be crazy to come up with

a mind-set that suits me

and call it reality because I feel like a fish

swimming up-stream and I am tired,

I want to find peace within and breath without

the constrictions and gasps

due to anxiety.



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