Not the boogie man that scares you

but a boyfriend of mine in the past


friends would say as he danced..

he had learned to adapt by

becoming his surroundings

He was Italian but he joined a Hispanic gang

He was not tough but he needed a family

he had a good heart and

He didn’t like to fight so he learned to

BREAKDANCE  as a way to integrate

I would roll my eyes  when

the crowd cheered him on

I had taken over as his  mommy

and although there were times

I felt used and needed help

It was the downside of trying

to save someone and be an enabler

at the same time

I went to Prison and he Overdosed

while I was away and his body is in

some unmarked grave  I have searched

I have searched and searched

but to no avail, although I was not

happy with our relationship at the time

He deserved better …

I hope if there is an afterlife that

is better than here

and pain and fear is no

longer a factor

I hope that you are still


no longer roll my eyes

but cheer you on.

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