I was arrested and my drugs were taken away

Talk about culture shock

Wait I need my Methadone!!!

I need my cigarette and a

cup of tea in the morning

So I spent three yrs wondering

how my sleepy friends were doing

and if they talked about me

I spent a year in isolation

counting bricks in the wall

and thinking soon

this will be over and I can

be around my friends again

wait till I tell them about what

I went through, they will be so

attentive and entertained

I will be the life of the party

I got back to Manhattan and

couldn’t wait to see my old

buddies, they wont be hard

to find, same program,same corner

I walked up like I was making

a guest appearance on a TV show

I started rambling, smiling and

waiting to be the center of attention

they were all looking puzzled not

because I was back but for the fact

they never noticed that I had left…


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