Confession of an Enabler


I swore I was the most giving person

in the world and you should

feel you were lucky to deal

with someone like me

because I am not selfish

or grimy like the rest

I gave my cat food every time

he looked at me with those

longing eyes of expectancy

He would stare at me

knowing that I was trained to serve

Got to be the “Good guy”

because I did not want to be the

(bad guy)I wanted to be needed &

appreciated because I wanted to

feel loved…

The cat got to be 31 pounds and died

from breathing issues at the age of 11

but that wasn’t my fault, I saved him

from the street right?I heard a kitten crying

I heard a kitten crying

from behind a garbage can

in the brutally cold night

How could someone be so mean

to leave this kitten

out in a cruel world

by himself?

How could people be so selfish?

Not I for I am the hero

that came  to rescue kitty

but in reality, did I do it

for him or for myself?

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