I get ready for bed  and put

the majority

of my teeth in a cup

they have my prison numbers

embedded in them which is

a blast from the past

A DIN number was my ID in jail

I was always called by my last name

so I almost forgot my first

I take my mental med’s and

lay down and try not to think

I  watch someone else on TV

as a distraction

I wake up and take my HIV meds

and after 27 yrs it’s as normal to me

as taking a multivitamin,

The side effects have taken a toll though

I guess taking the meds is the lesser

of two evils, I feel broken

I went to a hole in the wall plastic surgeon

to get a discount Liposuction

He wouldn’t touch me

he said I might die and he wasn’t

taking that chance, I was disappointed

but I was also surprised since I

actually had someone responsible

enough to think about

the consequences because I just wanted

a quick fix


Make me feel whole

Make me feel like my  house is truly a home,

Make me feel like this life has a meaning

please take some weight from my core

because it might  take away the heaviness

that I feel in my soul.


  1. Damaged..I doin’t think so;
    Why do you think that?
    Did someone tell you that?

    I don’t think so.
    I see you when others may not.
    Stephen. (Through The Cracked Window.)

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  2. I posted this today on my personal facebook page…It is not new…I repost what I have written as I gain new family and friends….It amazes me how tailored these messages can be…I believe that this one is for you:
    “Have you any rivers
    That seem uncrossable?
    And have you any mountain
    That you cannot tunnel through?
    God specializes
    In things thought impossible
    And He will do what no other
    No other power but holy power can do”.. Whew an oldie but goodie…On this Blessed Saturday😇️Saints, Know that whatever you may need…God can fix it,💪He will fix it💪And it will stay fixed💪💪💪You know how your regular doctor can’t help you so he sends you to a “Specialist” 🏥Well honey, God don’t need no referrals!👏👏👏He is the Master specialist…For any problem you may have!🌞He is your doctor! 👍He is your lawyer! 👍He is your best friend! 👍And he is your Father!👍The bible says”God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect”2 Samuel 22:33 KJV)Amen!!!😇

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