PURPOSE and PERCEPTION equal Destination…


One man’s ceiling

is another man’s floor

do the structures

make you  feel secure?

Life feels like a race

One that you can never

be won

whether you are racing




for love

I personally am racing for leverage

because it is the only way

that I can have PEACE

because to have peace sadly

you have to have $

because to be treated fairly you

have to be untouchable


you will always have someone

stomping on your ceiling

Blasting music from underneath

your floor and barging

in your door

I want to run away

from the city

but I am scared of the Country

It is dark and isolated

and the aloneness

I have felt my whole life

will be a reality

This world seems insane

with the oddest role models

from Presidents to Socrates

they are the pillars of logic

leadership, and contradictions

When and if  we win the race of our desires

will it make the pain go away?

what are you are racing for?

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