Beyond (A sneak peak) at book photo


Yes, it was that out of control, I didn’t remember what happened the night I was accused of trying to kill a man but I did remember being in an unsafe environment but just said (f it) because I needed drugs in my system. I was trying to show that it was (Self Defense) by taking pictures of my injuries with a newspaper to represent the date. It was a surreal time in my life and when it rains it pours because withing a year of this picture I had many horrible experiences but I just didn’t know how to stop the cycle. If you think this picture looks horrible you should see the rest, some I am not even showing because although my boyfriend at the time meant well neither of us had our heads clear enough to stay sober to take the pics and while showing injuries to my chest and back I took pics totally nude. Why? it wasn’t because I felt sexy I can promise you that, it was because I was so diss associated from my body that I didn’t even know how to have dignity anymore because my body was not part of me. It is not a pretty story but to tell the real story I feel you have, to be honest about your part in the insanity.I was only 33 and looked like death.

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