A Quote by Jessica Lange in American Horrors was “Be careful when you look at evil because it looks back at you” at the time I thought it was kind of corny but I have developed a respect for that sentiment now. The uneasiness of a seemingly fragile world can overwhelm you and make you go into defense mode, sometimes feeling you have to lash out or get even with the people that you feel made your life so empty and painful.Some people’s lives have been traumatic and the past haunts them till this day, some people haven’t been able to leave the traumatic environment due to financial or possibly  co-dependency. It’s hard to see the world in a loving way when you have seen so much darkness. The only way I can accept the ugliness of the world is a yin yang spin that there is good/evil and happy/sad etc and for all the stray animals I see there are animals running along a beach with an owner that takes responsibility for their possessions. For every child, I see with fear in their eyes and a look of brokenness there is a child laughing and playing on a swing.   I really used to live in fear/hate/anger and un-comfortability and a lot of it is understandable but now I see that the best revenge is “success” and then the revenge is no longer a factor. Don’t let the bitterness consume you…

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