I remember as a child being left in a home

for children

I felt forgotten and invisible so

I ran away and imagined a cheering squad

rooting for me …like I mattered like I was

the star of a movie

I escaped and traveled for miles

to get back to NYC

like I had a place to go

This can’t be real

Is there anyone out there

A God…A ghost

The friends or family that passed away?

There has to be more than this

The years of seeking the truth in a

world full of lies

only to get old and die

Some say I am lucky since I am still here

There are days I would beg to differ

I want to be a hero

I want to feel safe

I want to be a vigilante and

make all the bad things go away

I want to erase the pain

a world of carnivores

that search for easy prey for their next meal

they pick the meat from the bones of the

weak and vulnerable

with with a belch of wine…

Hiding behind civilized & elite masks

There has to be more than this…









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