I stared down at the traffic from an overpass

and in turn stare at the crowd making their way down the street

Just like the cars, the people divide and entwine in an attempt

to get from point A to point B

I stare at the subway riders that are

packed in like sardines but try to look independent

with a phone/ tablet and a cold indifference

A woman who has an arch in her back

hoping that someone notices her curves

but has a “f–k off” and “Try me”

mask on her face

The man who sits with his lap top in Starbucks

like he is alone in his study

He looks professional and standoffish

but he secretly hopes his presence is validated

the destination, the navigation

I watch the crowd  that is so  detached

and impersonal…almost shallow

but in reality  everything

is personal, very personal.

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