P.T.S.D. It’s a pain in your ….nervous system


The signals from my brain

Are flooding my nerves

It’s like a feeling of sickness

A heaviness in your chest

A sudden movement or sound

Makes my body tense

When I realize it’s not a threat

I get angry for the unnecessary false alarm

Always in combat mode

Waiting for the storm to come

Why is this lady so loud?

Why did this guy walk so close to me?

Why Why Why

I’m so tired

I can’t take chances

So I have to live in absolutes

Everything is Black and White

Friend or Foe

I’m sorry I have to hate you

but I can’t take the chance of being fooled

I don’t want to care again

I don’t want to feel again

I don’t know how.                                                           G.McCarthy14045991_10210119865663138_3753740406865811532_n

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