The Tidy Bowl Man

facebook-20150831-060937I aw0ke because the pressure on my bladder was un subsiding and I knew the cell was cold

so I threw off the ugly gray state issued blanket and lunged for the toilet since I didn’t have

far to go when suddenly I realized there was someone sitting on it.  Although it was dark I

jumped back and pushed my back against the brick wall. Freaky/ Creepy night officer I

thought..why me? I don’t have sex with them, as a matter of fact, I purposely talk about my STD’s all day as a deterrent and push people away so this must be a real nut.

my STD’s all day as a deterrent and push people away so this must be a real nut.

“Don’t you have your own bathroom?” I said to the dark mass.

It relied, ” I have no need for toilets but I came to check on you because I have been feeling your energy for a while now”

OMG, I thought  this is a real nut job but his voice sounded calm and non-threatening entity so I started to calm down.

“Why do you fight it?” it, said.

“Fight what? my ticket? that put me in here?” I said since that was the only thing I could think of since I had been put in isolation (S.H.U) which is jail in jail for a years time.

It laughed and said, “No, not the ticket…the reality that this is an evil world and once you accept that you can lose all those moral dilemmas that drive you crazy”.There is no such thing as LOVE, that is a lie that human’s fabricated  and have used to control each other over the centuries, it is amusing to watch but time is of the essence . Isn’t that good news because now you don’t have to feel so cheated and be so pathetic because it is all just a delusion.

“Why are you telling me this? and what is your agenda, don’t you have something better to do than come to a cell and hang out on someone’s toilet and give a doomsday speech?”

“Actually, it said I have work to do tonight but I just wanted to come by and see my future soldier, you are a wolf and wolves do not make LOVE!!! they reproduce to keep their species alive so stop waiting for a hero to tell you they will love and save you , all your moral dilemmas and anger about your past are a waste of energy unless you use it the right way and that is to defeat others not yourself” It let out a long creepy laugh

“What the fuck are you talking about? I have to pee so if you are done with my toilet? can you go? what is your M.O.? are you the devil’s advocate? I said

It laughed again for what seemed like an eternity, which  seemed cold and empty and said” Like I said, I don’t need toilets but I do need your energy so don’t fight me and I am not an advocate I am the supreme”

“So you are the devil himself,” I said with a chuckle, ” You are not so bad in the flesh, maybe your  just misunderstood like me I said sarcastically.

“I have no flesh and therefore no need for toilets but humans like to visualize me in many forms, so if you would like to see me with horns and a pitchfork so be it” ( It laughed) and then said , “Are you afraid to die?”

I replied, “Actually I am afraid to live  Lucifer and this conversation is getting too deep for me so can you go sit on someone’s else’s toilet and enlighten them”?  The mass said” I am sorry if I upset you and it is time for me to go but one day you will realize that I am never gone because I am part of you, part of everyone so you were actually only talking to your future self”

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