Blind spots and flashbacks

I can’t sleep with an unseen area behind me

I cannot sleep in the dark

Don’t get me wrong

I have known violence all to well

so that is nothing new

but the unknown scares the hell out of me

Like a cat that squeezes into a box

I want all my sides covered

The cool air on my lower back

feels like a threat

anything unplanned feels like a violation

I am not afraid of you but

I am afraid of a world that allows so much evil

Who are the protectors, where are the heroes?

I see children on the street and feel pity for their futures

yes I am “Damaged” and on a road to healing but

I hope one day I am able to enjoy life without all the racing thoughts.

I want to know what its is like to feel safe and loved


One comment

  1. Children need and deserve rescue from abuse. But as adults — assuming we make it that far — we have to become the heroes we once thought we couldn’t live without. You may think of yourself as damaged, may retain the physical and emotional scars of your abuse. You are clearly, however, a strong and intelligent woman. Don’t lose sight of that. Wishing you well, A. ❤

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