My First Apartment(Home sweet home)

During my lunch break I walked a few blocks to look at my old building and reminisce. I was scared to work around that neighborhood since I had NO GOOD MEMORIES but life doesn’t stop or cater to our whims so had to adjust. Not only did I alway’s get stopped by cops walking into my building because they figured I couldn’t live there so I must be buying drugs, little did they know I bought my drugs elsewhere. I had my boyfriend (hostage) living with me and our drugs got along with each other most of the time. When it rains it pours and I went through the worst six months ( Year) of my life. I got two violent felonies, got gang raped, got jumped by a  whole block (men,women and kids) got my nose broken, got my teeth cracked on another night, saw a few people die and then the best thing happened to me….I got my bail revoked and I went to jail. While I was locked up my boyfriend Overdosed and I still can’t find his body since no one was there to claim it . I have PTSD and some days life can feel like punishment just having to be here but I have healed enough to change my life and my spirit is making a come back. Like they say, ” There are worse things than death” and to me that is living once your spirit and soul have died. It has been 16 years since then and I have let my dead leaves fall off and I am blossoming.20160921_131014

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